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h_h now a pay as you want download!

Physical copies of h_h are officially sold out! So now you can get the record as digital download for any price! Including free! 


h_h reviewed by Dead Formats!!!

h_h got a great review by Dead Formats!!! 

Here’s what they said:

“This is a real pleasure to hear. I mean it. This makes me feel great and totally happy. This is beautiful looping music in the style of maybe Megabats, Fuck Buttons or Emeralds. I would actually say a super minimal Emeralds with tons of patience. Yeah. Whatever it is it’s like falling asleep in a perfect stream on a perfect day wrapped up in a perfect life. 

     The overall design is nice. I am not a huge fan of these mini cereal boxes that tapes fit in (I know that’s not what they are) but it doesn’t really bother me too much. 
     I highly recommend hearing this. I should also mention that when I stopped this tape my three year old daughter protested until I played it again. I think I am going to be as familiar with this album as I am with the Wiggles “Bow Wow”.”
Check it out here.

Shows Updated

Lots of exciting performances in the upcoming weeks! Everything from free improvisations with members of Akron/Family to solo performances to ensemble performances with Michael Pisaro, Sarah Hughes, and Patrick Farmer! Check out the shows page for more info!

h_h out now!!!

h_h is out now! You can buy it from Already Dead Tapes here.

Or you can purchase a limited number of copies directly from my bandcamp page here.

Additionally, I finally made a page where you can order copies of my collaborative record with Bill Shute, Only the Imprint of an Echo Remains directly from me. That’s also available from bandcamp here. With a brand new track preview too!

Only the Imprint of an Echo Remains is also available from Kendra Steiner Editions.