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Decoder Feature/Recent Press!

The lovely folks at Decoder Magazine wrote a really nice feature length article about several of my recent releases! Check it out here

Here are some other recent reviews from some of my favorite places:

um reviewed by Brian Olewnick here.

in heaven… reviewed by Improv Sphere here.

um reviewed by dMute here.

um on hihiwhoopie here

i don’t think i see a difference reviewed by pyongyang plastics here.


Lots of April Shows!!!

Yo guys!

It looks like I’m going to be playing a bunch of shows in LA in April! And I’ll be doing something different for each one of them! Here’s the info on ’em:

Monday April 7th at 8p.m. * pehrspace with Stephen Touchton, Ingrid Lee, and more in Los Angeles, CA (several new pieces for a large untrained vocal ensemble).

Monday April 21st at 8p.m. * Ham & Eggs Tavern with Joe Newlin, Lee Noble, and Lewis Keller in Los Angeles, CA I’ll be doing a noisy “pop” set with my old pal Chuck Kerr on drums!

Friday April 25th at 8p.m. * Mata Noise with Crowhurst, Joe Newlin, and Concupescint Din I’ll be doing a br00tal solo noise set with laptop/electronics.

Saturday April 26th * The wulf. with Michael Winter in Los Angeles, CA Several new compositions for guitars, banjo,violin, iphones, voices, and more!

Also, here’s a brief new noise piece (get ready for lots more of these):

and here’s a new tape compilation that my song “Brain Palace” is included on (it comes towards the end of Side A):

Hope to see you all at one gig or another!

Fault Lines Written Up by Tiny Mix Tapes!

The Fault Lines compilation that I contributed a track to was reviewed by Tiny Mix Tapes Today! Check out the review here.

Below is the song I contributed to the album. I’ll be playing this piece live with an 8 piece ensemble at the album’s release party at Human Resources in LA on Sunday.

Upcoming LA Shows!

I will be performing twice in LA this month:

On September 15th at 4:00p.m. I’ll be playing two solo violin pieces and a short work for beard trimmer ensemble at the wulf. Andrew Weathers, Derek Rogers, and a trio of Ryan Page, Brenna Noonan, & Joshua Marshall will also be performing. Here’s a solo recording of my sonata for beard trimmer and surfaces:

On September 29th at 8p.m. I’ll be playing as part of the LP release for the excellent Fault Lines record that I contributed a track to at Human Resources. Here’s my track from Fault Lines:

Show at Alter Space in San Francisco this weekend with Andrew Weathers and Morse Cosmos!

I’m very excited to be playing at Alter Space in San Francisco on Saturday with my like minded friend Andrew Weathers and the very rad Morse Cosmos! I’ll be doing a set of drone-y folk songs using guitar, banjo, and a lot of pedals. Here’s some more info:

Performances by:
Andrew Weathers: andrewweathers.com
Marcus Rubio: marcusrubio.com
Morse Cosmos: handmadebypirates.com

Show starts around 8pm
Suggested donations $5

At Alter Space

1158 Howard Street, San Francisco, California

h_h reviewed by Dead Formats!!!

h_h got a great review by Dead Formats!!! 

Here’s what they said:

“This is a real pleasure to hear. I mean it. This makes me feel great and totally happy. This is beautiful looping music in the style of maybe Megabats, Fuck Buttons or Emeralds. I would actually say a super minimal Emeralds with tons of patience. Yeah. Whatever it is it’s like falling asleep in a perfect stream on a perfect day wrapped up in a perfect life. 

     The overall design is nice. I am not a huge fan of these mini cereal boxes that tapes fit in (I know that’s not what they are) but it doesn’t really bother me too much. 
     I highly recommend hearing this. I should also mention that when I stopped this tape my three year old daughter protested until I played it again. I think I am going to be as familiar with this album as I am with the Wiggles “Bow Wow”.”
Check it out here.

Shows Updated

Lots of exciting performances in the upcoming weeks! Everything from free improvisations with members of Akron/Family to solo performances to ensemble performances with Michael Pisaro, Sarah Hughes, and Patrick Farmer! Check out the shows page for more info!