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New Pop Song

I’m inching ever closer to finishing my new full length pop record. Here’s another preview of that album that features Evan Spacht on trombone.


Upcoming LA Shows!

I will be performing twice in LA this month:

On September 15th at 4:00p.m. I’ll be playing two solo violin pieces and a short work for beard trimmer ensemble at the wulf. Andrew Weathers, Derek Rogers, and a trio of Ryan Page, Brenna Noonan, & Joshua Marshall will also be performing. Here’s a solo recording of my sonata for beard trimmer and surfaces:

On September 29th at 8p.m. I’ll be playing as part of the LP release for the excellent Fault Lines record that I contributed a track to at Human Resources. Here’s my track from Fault Lines:

New Song From Upcoming New Record!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m working on a new pop album that’s shaping up to be pretty sprawling and epic. So many songs! Anyways, here’s a preview of one of those songs that I’m particularly proud of. It’s a tune called “burning castles” with lyrics that may or may not be inspired Breaking Bad (that’s for you to decide):

Oceanic Tremors Now Available Online For Free!!!

Oceanic Tremors is a record I worked on obsessively from the ages of 18-20. It was released on Bedlamb Records in 2009 and is now available for free online or you can buy a fancy CD for a very minimal price:

New Song! New album in the works!

I’m working on a record of experimentally minded pop music. There will also be a couple of long “proper” pieces on there as well, I’m quite excited about it! Here’s a track from it featuring Max Wanderman on Accordion and Nick Baker on Drums: