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Two New Releases Out Now!



In the last couple of weeks I’ve had two new records come out.

One is an older long form ambient piece for laptop processed guitar called In heaven everything is fine because heaven is a place where nothing ever happens and it is out for free via the Portuguese label Test Tube. You can listen to/download a copy here.

The other is my album music for microphones which is available from the excellent Copy For Your Records and ErstDist. You can also listen to a few excerpts and buy a digital copy below.

Finally, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, I’ll be singing and playing banjo on a piece by Martin Arnold at CalArts Tonight

“poem is wonderful”

This is a belated post about my first collaboration with Derek Rogers titled poem is wonderful. It’s a collection of shiny/droney pieces that we decided to release for free via bandcamp. We recently completed a very different collaborative record that will hopefully be out somewhere soon. Get poem is wonderful here: