“I don’t think I see a difference” out on Spectropol now!

My predominantly banjo/voice experimental pop record I don’t think I see a difference is out now via Spectropol Records! You can stream the record and download it for free below. Click here to read a small writeup of the album in Decoder’s week in review column.

Here are some words I wrote about the record:

“Last year, I became fascinated with the acoustic possibilities of the banjo in conjunction with various electronics and pedals and created a number of works that utilized these alien sounds while still warping them into folk songs of sorts. However, as I delved further into the instrument’s extended technique, I realized that there were ways to create a kind of polyphony with just the acoustics of the instrument itself and set off working on many of the pieces heard here. With these particular songs, I wanted to both play with the instrumental specificity of the banjo but also try to reduce those sounds and the formal elements of pop songs to their most basic elements. These pieces are equally indebted to the work of reductionist composers/improvisers like Tetuzi Akiyama and Taku Sugimoto as they are to the folk music of Washington Phillips and Abner Jay. As such, most of these works were built off of the raw banjo/voice material and feature minimal overdubs save for some vocal harmonies and organ on a few tracks. The banjo material on the album (tracks 1-5) is very concerned with how much of a song/sound you can remove yet still have it resemble that thing and the remaining two pieces are further non-banjo explorations of this idea. “the war on christmas” places a cynical pop song into a minimalist/modular situation notationally while the bagatelles take extremely small melodic song fragments and spreads them out very quietly over an extended period of time.”

Also, um got a positive review on the French website dMute yesterday! Read it here.


um out on Crisis now!

The excellent French label Crisis was kind enough to release a new album of mine! It’s available for free digitally below. Honored to have my work included next to the likes of Vomir and Jason Lescalleet on this great label!

” a lot of my work concerns the specificity of particular instruments/sounds and with um I wanted to create a set of pieces that explore what happens when a particular tone or field recording is processed and distorted into oblivion. I am equally fascinated by what remains of a given signal or sample after it’s been severely warped and the different types of “noise” these sounds create as a result. In a way, the processing on these works destroys the specificity of the original sounds but creates a new specificity in the types of noise produced in the process.”

Lots of April Shows!!!

Yo guys!

It looks like I’m going to be playing a bunch of shows in LA in April! And I’ll be doing something different for each one of them! Here’s the info on ’em:

Monday April 7th at 8p.m. * pehrspace with Stephen Touchton, Ingrid Lee, and more in Los Angeles, CA (several new pieces for a large untrained vocal ensemble).

Monday April 21st at 8p.m. * Ham & Eggs Tavern with Joe Newlin, Lee Noble, and Lewis Keller in Los Angeles, CA I’ll be doing a noisy “pop” set with my old pal Chuck Kerr on drums!

Friday April 25th at 8p.m. * Mata Noise with Crowhurst, Joe Newlin, and Concupescint Din I’ll be doing a br00tal solo noise set with laptop/electronics.

Saturday April 26th * The wulf. with Michael Winter in Los Angeles, CA Several new compositions for guitars, banjo,violin, iphones, voices, and more!

Also, here’s a brief new noise piece (get ready for lots more of these):

and here’s a new tape compilation that my song “Brain Palace” is included on (it comes towards the end of Side A):

Hope to see you all at one gig or another!

Two New Releases Out Now!



In the last couple of weeks I’ve had two new records come out.

One is an older long form ambient piece for laptop processed guitar called In heaven everything is fine because heaven is a place where nothing ever happens and it is out for free via the Portuguese label Test Tube. You can listen to/download a copy here.

The other is my album music for microphones which is available from the excellent Copy For Your Records and ErstDist. You can also listen to a few excerpts and buy a digital copy below.

Finally, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, I’ll be singing and playing banjo on a piece by Martin Arnold at CalArts Tonight

Recent Press

The San Antonio Current was very kind to me in recent weeks!

They wrote about my show with Todd Lerew and Justin Boyd here.

And named (rooms) as one of their favorite albums from 2013 here

as well as put my show with Slomo Drags as one of their best shows of 2013.


Really Overdue Update!

Man! I need to keep up with updating this page! For those that didn’t know, I spent the last 10 days on tour with my good friend Todd Lerew! We played all over the southwest and it was really fantastic! So many great experiences! If you ever need to find info on shows that aren’t posted here, check out the facebook page here. On this tour, I performed several deconstructed pop songs that utilize extended banjo technique. The first wave of this material is available via a new CD-R on Yawn Tapes. You can stream the record in full below. Stay tuned for info about upcoming shows in Phoenix and LA!