Music & Discography


cities sinking down-an entirely solo album of folk songs submitted to a glitching/looping process inspired Toshiya Tsunoda’s recent work. Bitter depraved lyrics sweetly crooned to you while skipping like a broken CD accompanied by a bluegrass band that listened to too much Oval. Released by Kendra Steiner Editions. Stream/download/buy a physical copy here:

music on a tape:songs by chris weisman– I contribute a lush reworking of one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite songwriters. Listen/buy here:

IV-My sweet collaborators at Already Dead Tapes released an excellent sampler of their artist roster and I contributed this dissonant/pretty/constantly change 2 minute long pop song:

split with Caballos y Entusiasmo- Two sides of dreamy ambient pop from myselves and some extremely likeminded friends from Argentina. Available via Salvador Records. Listen:

land of disenfranchisement-a brand new weird pop album from the great Already Dead Tapes! A largely sarcastic/social album that features a radically deconstructed Abner Jay song and drumming by one of my favorite musicians, Chris Cohen. Stream/download/buy a tape of the album here:

I don’t think I see a difference– a group of extremely reduced songs/compositions primarily featuring banjo and voice. Out on via Spectropol. Stream/download here:

um– a noise album of works created from highly distorting/processing field recordings and drones into a blurred oblivion. Released for free digitally by the excellent Crisis. You can download/stream here:

microphone music– a collections of pieces using the physical anomalies of microphones and/or microphone feedback as musical material in and of itself.Out on the absolutely superb Copy For Your Records. Preview a piece from the album here:

“Brain Palace” on MixTape Singapore Salvadore-My lo-fi ambient pop track makes an appearance on a split mix tape between Signapore Sling Tapes and Salvadore Records along with many other great likeminded experimental pop artists. Listen/download here:

in heaven everything is fine because heaven is a place where nothing happens– A single 45 minute long ambient piece for electric guitar and laptop. Very overtly pretty. Out on the awesome Portugese net label Test Tube.


now– A collection of songs that utilize extended banjo technique in conjunction with electronics to create a noise folk hybrid. All songs are based off of unedited live banjo improvisations that were then edited/layered to create the works heard here. Available on CD-R from Yawn Tapes.

(rooms)-Three-fifths long form drone songs, two-fifths musique concrete pieces. Synths, field recordings, laptop processed guitar, and lots of sultry auto-tuned vocals. Soon to be available as a cassette from Prairie Fire Tapes. Stream/download a digital version now here:

h_h-Five tracks based off of synth drones, field recordings, and song structures. Released on Already Dead Tapes. Physical copies are sold out!!! Listen/download for free here:


Only The Imprint of an Echo Remains-Poetry/electronic music collaboration with Bill Shute. Released in November by Kendra Steiner Editions

The following 2012 releases are available for free on my bandcamp:

Electronic Music -Compilation of stray electronic pieces. Apparently very popular in Japan. Weird.

Hello Dallas -Last Gospel Choir of Pillows release. Long noised out songs.

None of The Birds -Collection of pop songs with my SA based pop band the Gospel Choir of Pillows

Opera in Three Composers – A ridiculous song cycle/literal essay about the works of Robert Ashley, the Residents, and Gertrude Stein/Virgil Thomson.


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